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Monday, January 5, 2009

Abou Kamal Ra2is el Mina

Byblos, Lebanon - June 2003
Picture taken: Summer 2003 (Translation: Abou Kamal, Head of Harbor)

This picture was contributed by an old friend of mine. It was taken for a photography course assignment.

Abou Kamal worked at the port in byblos and agreed to be photographed for the portrayal of a work-laden lifetime. It immediately struck me how powerfully this image exposes the years and decades during which this seasoned veteran was being hardened and the weariness that ensued. The expression on the man's face, his 2-day old beard, and even the wear and tear on the small captured portion of his hand are the tell-tale signs of time and its toll.
"People come and want to take pictures of me all the time. They come from all over Lebanon, and they all promise me they'll come back to show them to me but sadly they never do" said a saddened but stoic Abou Kamal as the shutter snapped capturing this moment.
I wonder where he is now...