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Friday, March 20, 2009

Rien Ne S'arrête.

Here it is March 20, a long way from March 20, 2008...

And as I struggle to relive those carefree days, I sit and wonder, when did I stop having time? The one thing we are sure to have, the one thing we take for granted. I lost it. I lost Time. I lost the absolute concept of it.

Medical students are so consumed by their lifestyle and their studies, they forget that unfortunately the world is still evolving. Until it hits you. Until you get that phone call that your friend died, or that A. needs to go to the hospital because his cancer metastasized. What do you do next? How do you explain to your teacher that you couldn't study, or that you cannot attend said lecture or exam because A. could only see his physician at that particular time. How do you manage? How many times will you curse that garbage truck you're stuck behind because it is stealing precious minutes of your once insignificant time. Minutes you started counting and regretting once it was too late, once you realized they were gone.

Rien ne s'arrête
D'autres vies continuent
D'autres parler sans taire
Pour ceux qui se sont tus
Rien ne s'arrête

--Patricia Kaas, Rien Ne S'arrête.


poshlemon said...

I know what you mean... But, one day you'll become a doctor and you'll be saving lives, making a difference. Who knows, it might be my life you're going to save one day lol The world is very small. I'll be like 'so, you're that bar stools guy? hi, I am posh'. Imagine!!!

poshlemon said...

What I was trying to say is that it's worth all the hard work you're putting in. I know that you're missing out in other aspects but this is life. You cannot possibly have everything, or so I think. If only you knew the things I want to do, yet on the other hands, the choices I have to make.

Le colleague said...

Hey Posh. I fully agree with what you said, although I think you didn't notice this wasn't my post. It was my Colleague (LA Colleague), and not I who wrote this, as much as I'd like to take credit for it ;) But I like your scenario haha "you're the bar stools guy" :)Well it is a very small world, and a tiny country, and we may have already met/walked across/bumped into each other without having the faintest idea!

On a more serious note, It IS insane how little/no time we have for any emergent event that was not preprogrammed into our loaded schedule. Any such event would have to wait an indefinite amount of time before being tended to, and it's when these events are family/friend emergencies, or the like, that this issue really gets to one. True, you do make choices in life, but sometimes you get something you didn't sign up for, and It's most often too late to backtrack, and that's when you need to toughen up and make the best of what you've got.


poshlemon said...

I feel like a fool now lol. In my defense, I made this comment half asleep and exhausted, hence the many typos I've got.

La colleague said...


La colleague said...

Posh, not to worry your words of encouragement still apply. To me, Le Colleague and about 83 other students! So Thank you :)

poshlemon said...

haha, I agree... and if you ever happen to save my life, I'll be like "you're that bar stools girl";)

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