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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Most Expensive Shawerma in Lebanon...

S. Told me about this place, and for hours before we even got close to that little corner of heaven, I was anticipating what it would be like. I know this is not new and that I haven't made a world-altering discovery, but it is the first time I've heard of it. 
It's called Shawerma 3al Fahem (Chargrilled Shawerma), and the name says it all... To the shawerma lovers who have not tried it yet, pack up and go right now I tell you!
It is right next to falafel Sahyoun on the street leading from Sodeco Square to Downtown beirut. 
So how was that sandwich? It was a costly one to say the least. This little taste of shawerma heaven, is gonna run you anywhere between 4,000 LBP and 80,000 LBP, plus a confiscated driver's licence... How?? 
Choose from the following items:

Item 1 -  The 50,000 LBP traffic ticket, if you're unfortunate enough (like I was) to be U-turning from the parallel street going the opposite way, and you somehow choose to make that illegal U-turn to save a few meters on your odometer, and a few precious moments of anticipation before you get there. Make sure you call that over-zealous cop, with his newly found preoccupation with our dear traffic system's proper functioning, greater good kind of stuff, and have him amicably fill out the paperwork and confiscate your driver's licence. He's sure to be there, in some wickedly strategic position, hunting for wrong-way outlaws!

Item 2 -  The 20,000 (is it more?) illegal LEGAL PARKING ticket: Now that you're done fighting with the officer that gave you the 50,000 LBP ticket, confiscated your licence, you have to find a parking spot. All you have to do is park right in front of the shawerma place. Now you have two options. Option A: to obtain item 2, all you have to do is park your car, shut your windows, lock your doors, and enjoy a happy shawerma meal. You will come back to find the item delivered. Option B: to avoid item two park your car, leave your windows open, and your blinkers on otherwise you will be smitten by the long arm of the law.

So ... for me it was item 1, plus 2 sandwiches (4,000 each, too small for just one to be enough!). Do the math. That's one expensive Shawerma place if you ask me! 

Worth every penny, but if you're not willing to pay this much, take the longer road, or don't drive there, and take care while parking! Cheers.


poshlemon said...

I have been too busy... I only just got the chance to read your posts. Interesting as always ;) This post was funny. Keep writing.

Le colleague said...

well welcome back posh :)

Moussa Bashir said...

where are those valet parking dudes when you need them :)

overandout said...
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overandout said...

well i don't know about the illegal U-turn but you might want to check that parking ticket out. bloggingbeirut just mentioned legally parked cars being ticketed on that same street.

Le colleague said...

Moussa: I wouldn't trust them with my childhood tricycle that has only 2 wheels left, but you're right hehe
Overandout: that's what I meant by "...illegal LEGAL PARKING..." There are white lines drawn for parking, no ticket dispensers, and the police are having a blast ticketing everyone that parks there!

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