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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Elections, Lebanon, What do we really need?

For many months now, but mostly in the few days leading up to today, election day, we've all heard and seen countless ads, slogans, rebuttals, petty claims of corruption and some of the best and worst publicity we'd ever seen. I've hung out with people from all parties, listened to them discuss the elections, and what the other clan was up to. What they meant with this or that phrase, and what the hell they were thinking. Then I realized the disparity between what was at stake, and the level at which the discussions, verbal clashes, and even thinking were taking place. In fact, there was a distinct lack of mention of Lebanon in all these discussions. What the future held, what the REAL plans were for this country of ours that we're losing piece by piece. Instead, everyone was ecstatic when their clan rebutted the other clan's allegedly failed or misplaced ad. Everyone couldn't stop laughing and smiling when they heard their chief's distinct horn pattern. Keep in mind, that in arguing about the ads, and from a truly objective standpoint, both were right and wrong at the same time, but let's not go into that right now, because I think the arguments given by these people are too stupid to be a part of this post.

This brings me to the point I'd like to make. A point I and very few around me have been trying to get through. Also, I've been meaning to write about this here, but I have to admit that my lack of a respectable knowledge of politics has prevented it. I've often wanted to discuss and critique many key points that would come up on the news here and there, things my friends and I have talked about, but I never got around to it, because I never thought I'd be able to do it with enough substance. All I know is that the country's still being led by the same political leaders, thieves, murderers, and warlords that made it the shit hole that it is today. All I know is that their devoted followers are so goddamn blind that all they care about is how catchy their new slogan is or how humiliating that new advert is to the other clan. All I know is that this country is losing its youth, losing all its intellectual resources, and all I know, me, and my limited and stupid brain, is that there must be a reason behind this. There must be something that's being done that's preventing improvement, and leaving our problems like an open wound on an arm, gathering all kinds of infections, dirt, and parasites, to the point where amputation becomes the only viable option. All I know, is that very few people, if any, -and I am most definitely NOT a part of this few- can rightfully claim to have even the slightest idea on how to heal our country.

I came across something the other day that would do all this much better than I'd ever be able to. B. (My Marmite Guy) pointed out a video to me, a compilation of opinions and rants, denunciations and regrets expressed by a few prominent Lebanese personalities.
I will only post the trailer here, but please visit the link below and watch the whole thing. This is NOT some loser video with nothing but complaints and rants. It is a documentary and it starts and ends on a positive note, emphasizing hope rather than despair. I watched all three parts and each shook me to my core.

For the love of Lebanon, for the love of our future, please wake up.



poshlemon said...

I'll watch this. Just that where I live here my connection sucks.

poshlemon said...

I finally got around to watching it. Generally, it's good because it voices sentiments and opinions of many ordinary Lebanese, points out the main negatives in Lebanon and conveys several courses of action for a positive overturn.

However, I felt that 45 minutes was a bit too much. This film could have been abridged to 15 minutes. It was a bit bland and repetitive. I would have appreciated a less romantic approach along with a more informed and critical evaluation/and possible solutions for these points raised. Otherwise, this film, quoting you, is just another "compilation of opinions and rants, denunciations and regrets expressed by a few prominent Lebanese personalities."


Le colleague said...

I hadn't thought about it his way, but I agree that it could have been a bit shorter. A bit less repetitive? maybe, but I think that some repetitiveness conveys the message better. And I also think that the aim of this video is to evoke some nostalgia in the audience. Which is why, in my opinion, a 'romantic' approach with the music and scenery works fine. Otherwise it could have sounded and looked like another political talk show with different guests than we're used to seeing. It did get a BIT cheesy at times, I won't deny that, but I thought it was in line with the general goal, which is mainly to remind people that this is not Lebanon, or not what Lebanon should be, and get them to 'pity' our current Lebanon.
The downfall of this movie is that there aren't any practical solutions to these problems, not only in the movie, but in reality. The interviewees seem to emphasize that the only solution is to elect new leaders, who would be less concerned with making money and more concerned with building a better country and a better life for their citizens.

That's the way I see it at least. :)

Le colleague said...

P.S. sorry for the long reply ;)

poshlemon said...

Well, you make valid points except that this repetitive romantic film becomes redundant by its first 10 minutes. We live in fast times; a world of twitter where sentences are reduced to very short phrases, sometimes verbless!

My point is that the substance and content of this film do not warrant for 45 minutes. I agree that some repetitiveness conveys the message better. That is only in circumstances where the repeated message is conveyed in new and creative ways to keep the viewer connected. This film, I feel, would prompt the viewer to leave. I didn't even watch the whole thing lol I scanned through it and finished watching it in 10.

That's what I think.

Solutions... I don't know. They may be somehow limited. I think a good start would be focusing on introducing civil marriage into the country. This would be the first best step we could ever offer this country. Slowly but steadily other civil laws may be introduced, other changes may come around and people may begin to let go of their sectarianism, tribalism, and separatism.

I have to apologize for this long reply too ;)

Le colleague said...

What?? hey you cheated!! 10 minutes!? haha just kidding. No, I see what you mean...
But I still felt the impact from what was said in there. I dunno maybe I was sensitized because I'd been thinking about them for a long time and I finally heard someone say them out loud...
Anyways... Until the next one comes along ... cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Regardless of how short or long this movie is, i know 3 things:
it made me laugh at the chaos that the lebanese citizens are living in (the lack of laws and regulations, well, everywhere...)
it made me almost cry for the injustice that is inflicted on the people (parents who have their children die for no reason)
it made me very very happy for the decision i made with my family (you know what i'm talking about R.), and made me realise just how INCURABLE the situation is in lebanon.

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