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Monday, November 2, 2009

It's back...

I just realized I had missed the winter! There's nothing better than holding a boiling hot cup of tea in front of the chimney in my room watching that insane november rain slither down the glass.
Ok so I don't really have a chimney in my room, but I definitely have a glass window! And a reasonably warm cup of tea. But hey, I can dream can't I??

Off to work now. We have a new team of residents/interns coming in today so I'm afraid It's gonna be a long one... Can't even start to imagine what traffic's gonna be like in this insane weather!
Have a good winter everyone!


DD said...

Don't worry, the new Residents will be more worried than you about what team they got, it's the luck of the draw on both sides.
How's good old 5 south, I was there in the mid-nineties,such a long time ago but it seems like yesterday!

poshlemon said...

I missed the winter very much too :)

Le colleague said...

DD. Agreed. I wasn't worried about handling the new team! It's just that when we have a new team we have to present all the patients from scratch and the rounds take forever hehe. Apart from that 5 South is OK I guess. But then again the nineties are a long way back so I don't really know...

Posh: Hope ur doing ok back here! :)

Delirious said...

cheers with my own warm cup of tea! :]

DD said...

The trick with the rounds is to start off sitting in the conference room on five south, do all the talking there, then go and see the patients.
Ofcouse since there is only one conferenc room, the team who gets there earliest wins :)

overandout said...

oh the conference room!! the trick for us medstudents is to find the fastest way to get out of there with a sane mind after all the talking, talking and well some more talking during endless rounds :)
Le colleague, my colleague, for almost a couple of years now (more like 10 if i have to take into account the fact that we spend 12 hrs together every day), i have to say, you've made my rounds definitely less square!!!

Le colleague said...


Things have changed indeed! Well the rounds are pretty much the same, but we now have the conference room privilege over the other team, for some reason. I never really stopped to think why. We really take it for granted! It's good though cos the other team have to round at the nurse station :S

Same here. Best part is when we drive each other up the conference room walls and then wonder how and why minutes later we can have lunch and an absolutely normal conversation, normal, of course, being as relative as it can be but still! lol

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