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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cab Ride of the Year... In the Hamra Traffic

Over heard or made to hear...

On the way to pick up my car from the workshop where it had been for some maintenance...

Cab driver picks up phone, dials a number, and puts it to his ear. The short of a one and a half minute conversation: "Eh hayete yalla khallaset liom, jeye 3al beit la nodhar ma3 el wled" Translation "Hello honey I'm almost done for the day. I'll be home soon and we can take the kids out."

Cab driver hangs up.

*5 seconds pass*

Cab driver picks up phone, dials [what is obviously] a different number, and puts it to his ear. The short of a 3-minute conversation: "Eh hayete. Layke ma rah e2dar shoufik liom mdahhar marte w wlede. Wlek *Interrupted* Wlek shou bou rasik ma 3am tefhame ya mara?!! Ana ma3 marte ou3a tehkine ente. ANA behkike shou fhemte>!!>? Bshoufik boukra khalas boukra fhame ba2a!!"
Translation "Hello honey. Listen I can't see you today, I have to take out the wife and kids. I hav...*interrupted*... I ... What the hell is wrong with you woman?? Can't you understand?? I'm with my wife and kids tonight. Whatever you do don't call me. I will call YOU, understand!!? I'll see you tomorrow!"

Cab driver hangs up, looks at me with an arrogant smile, and says "Kif baddak tlahhi2 neswen? kif? Wehde w tnen w tlete, w ba3dein??
Translation "How can I keep up with the women? how? One, two, three women, and then what??

Help me decide whether this is funny, or outrageous, disgusting, and sleazy.
I could not believe my ears.


Delirious said...

disgusting and sleazy. definitely.

Le colleague said...

hehe I know. For some reason I still can't help but laugh at this though.

Anonymous said...

I can think of a couple of words that best describe this... (i don't know if he could be called a man): pathetic, airhead, macho, stupid... and the list goes on. Just tell me, how could you NOT grab his neck, i know i would have....for the sake of his wife and all women!!!!!

Le colleague said...

heheh I was too surprised to say anything!

Who would have thought? A taxi driver juggling women... you just don't think about it, for some reason, I don't know!

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