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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For

What is it with us members of modern society and that elusive sense of satisfaction? Well at least the kind that lasts for more than a few hours or days...
Have you found yourself thinking about just how big of a nagger you are? Well I have, and it's not looking too good. 
At work: "Oh god the never ending work!" - "Oh god I cant take this anymore!" - "Oh god I need a vacation!"
On my heaven-sent 3-week vacation: Day 1: "wow this is perfect. I wish I could make this last a lifetime!" Day 2:"Starting to get bored" Day 3: "I need to get back to work!"... You get the picture. 
Back at work: "Oh god the never ending work, I need a vacation!"

This holds true in just about every situation we are faced with in life. And everyone who thinks about this is bound to reach the conclusion that we humans are never satisfied. But why? I mean is this just an alternate meaning to the phrase "to each his own"? and a definition added to what it is exactly you are allowed to nag or be upset about? because that seems to be an ever changing 'standard' whether it's from person to person or from day to day for the same person. 
It seems to me that the answer to this is change; too much of a good thing is just as nasty as too much of a bad thing. There's no pleasure without pain, and in very much the same way, there seems to be no stability without change and instability. Another source of added stress and insanity to daily life in an apparent bid toward the greater good that is the pleasure of savoring the few short moments of relief or pleasure that we find every once in a while. Owell...