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Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Sunday Night, Monday Morning?

Yes... here we go again. And no, I'm not whining this time. Wow! Is it numbness to stress? Learned helplessness to the runaway clock? No, not really. Just feeling indifferent and disinterested this time around I guess. When I stay up late in my room, I feel like I'm getting hints of what's going on outside during the late hours of the night. These samples come in the form of distracting but interesting noises ranging from the rumble of an 18-wheeler driving by Southbound, to the engine screams and tire shrieks courtesy of that maniacal neighbor in his "watwat (Arabic for 'bat')" Beemer (Lebanese Jargon for the late 80's model BMW 3 Series Coupé) driving donuts round the conveniently empty intersection a couple hundred meters from my home, to the essentially worrisome, reassuringly distant, but worryingly nomadic sound of machine gun fire disturbing the peaceful moonlit night (YES, true story!). Did I mention it was past 3:00 am? Quite interesting, really! Most days of the week I'm fast asleep, clenched fists, and completely oblivious to everything that might be going on outside! I should do this more often!
For the curious among you, here's what my desk looks like tonight. Quite the way to spend the better part of the night, huh? I want to be about 20 Km away, drink in hand.

Ok enough with the night-time daydreaming. The noise has subsided. Screw this week's exam I'm going to bed!


poshlemon said...

At least someone else's up past 3 am doing some work. I am tired.

Your desk is neat - compared to mine.

Hasn't your spring break or easter break started yet?

Enjoy your sleep.

Le colleague said...

Hehe u too? Damn this never ending work huh?

Our lame excuse for an easter break is next friday & monday :(

Didn't end up getting much sleep after all. u?

poshlemon said...

Only Friday & Monday? ... Well...

No, I was up till 5 am. This period I have a few papers to submit to different journals, all of which have been taking up a lot of my time, my fieldwork time.

Anyways, sleep won't matter when you do great on your exam ;)

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