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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Sarah...

I came in and you were there. I sat at the table and you were around.
With your fresh looks, you stood out from the crowd. With your enticing smile, you caught my eye. There is something about you that played with my mind all night. Is it that smile? is it your hair? Or is it just as simple as your being at such odds with all of our dearly held ideals, self-ordained stereotypes and mundane ideas and clichés of the laws of attraction, that I just couldn't let it go?
So I told you. And from that moment, you knew my secret. You blushed and smiled. I did the same.
I was struck, and I knew so little. At an unfair disadvantage. But I will brave it.
I told you, and it wasn't that simple. He has your heart.
It's not to be. Not for now, maybe not ever. Or maybe...

Thank you for a pleasant night.