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Monday, June 14, 2010

Will Play for Tips

Hamra, Lebanon - June 2010
A pleasant sight and sound near AUH, where all we see all day are abused children begging you to give them money or buy lottery tickets. 

I have to sing for me to live

a job for me is out of reach

so come on by and hear a tune

I will sing for a bit of tips


AM said...

I don't know whether to smile at this post or to shake my head and roll my eyes ... does that make sense? i.e. my confusion.

Le colleague said...

Definitely, smile... :) why would you roll your eyes?

Anonymous said... least he is trying to earn a living, decently, in a country that has no respect for the elderly. All i can say to him is good luck and hope you have a nice voice!!!
hey colleague, you forgot to translate the last sentence, i find it hilarious!!!

Le colleague said...

I thought so too... :)
yeah I forgot to translate the fine script hehe it says: " for all parties for all occasions - *phone number*"
well after all it has lost in translation... Hehe

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