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Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Catch-Up Post

Well it has been a while since my last post. I've been busy lately, and last night I happened to check out my blog and realized that I'd 'left' on a very sad note. Sorry about that!
So what have we missed? One relationship anniversary, one uneventful new year's eve, another goodbye to another good friend leaving the country, another monumental governmental failure (but we're used to those), another stupid Internal Medicine rotation, a few breathtaking days on the Faraya slopes. All these, among other things I've meant to blog about that would have kept my readers busy/amused/annoyed. No such luck; instead, here I am, once more, overwhelmed by my flying ideas, frustrated by my tantalizing muses, pressed for time (but we're used to this one, too), and struggling with my vocabulary trying to make something out of this heap of interweaved trains of thought.

Let's start here. I am happy. Happy, of course, being a word surrounded by a cloud of relativity, and perhaps a few drops of evanescence, but for the first time in a few long med school years, I can really say that I am happy. Happy with the way things are going in my life. Happy that I'm just starting to peer through that window onto the next steps in my life and career. Happy with my lovely L. Just overall, in a good moment I guess, the likes of which I haven't seen in a very long time.

Trying to pinpoint it is hard. but I think what has drastically changed my outlook on things is the fact that I'm done guessing what I want to do with my life. Over the course of one day, my career path has become clear to me; I am to become a surgeon, people, go crazy. There has never been a specialty better suited for me, I've always known it, and since I've applied to a surgery residency at AUH for next year, things have been different. It takes much more to worry me, I am more relaxed in my work, I'm optimistic and feel so hungry to take on this next chapter that I don't even feel like a med student anymore. Med IV is almost over. A few months ago I was excited at the prospect of beginning my last year of med school. Time flew, that's all I can say. and if you've read that post, you'll understand why I'd be keeping with the continuum if I say, Bring it, Surgery! Bring it, Residency, Bring it, long on call hours! I want to work my ass off in something that fascinates me, instead of sitting around the morning rounds in internal medicine for 5 hours wondering what the hell I'm doing there, trying hard as I can to stop my eyes rolling into the back of my head from boredom!

Did I mention I hated internal medicine? Well I'm sure it's obvious now! (Some other post, for sure)

So there you have it. The main update and now we can look forward to my admission (wish me luck) and to my Surgery internship next year which I'm sure will bring you many long posts.

Will keep you posted!