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Friday, April 2, 2010

Brilliant Recap on Religion

Came across this skit by George Carlin on religion and its shortcomings.
I know some of what he says may be a bit disrespectful and his language might be a bit raunchy. But look past this and you'll find a good argument. And a funny one!

I somehow identified with Carlin on this one. I was never a believer. Since childhood, and since I could remember having any sense of logic and my own opinion on a few things in life, I just couldn't get myself to accept the dogmata of religion. There always seemed to be just too many discrepancies, to many dissonant axioms for me to just believe blindly. And let's face it, blind faith is the requisite in this department.
So what Carlin says in this skit summarizes (very briefly) my views on religion.
One thing though is that I've always been sincerely respectful of people's beliefs, as I've said in earlier posts; what drives me out of my mind though are people who use the 'faith argument' in discussions to try and convince people of the validity of the God Theory and all that it entails. These are the only instances where anyone will hear me badmouthing religion (and not spirituality).

Yesterday was holy Thursday and I tagged along with milady and a few friends for the traditional 7-Church visit. "This isn't tourism", smiled L., who was all too aware of my views on the matter, "you should have some thoughts, maybe say an informal prayer here and there!"
The thing is, there were many, many thoughts entering my mind at the time. At every church visit, every time I walked into a church since I was a kid, I would start thinking and thinking. Wondering, asking myself questions. Questions and thoughts about how people seemed taken and immersed in their belief, and the sense of their trance-like state. Every time, the experience is touching to say the least. And every now and then, I felt like one or two of my thoughts were of my family and loved ones, and these were the thoughts that I felt were somehow 'emitted' or 'sent off' without me necessarily wanting them to, in some raw and random hope that someone really is up there. But... you know the rest. These feelings and thoughts never consolidated into anything more powerful and for me, I don't know. I guess something more compelling will have to happen for religion to have a better chance with me. Don't ask what.

So please for those of you who will view this video, don't be outraged and blinded by a few bad words and scream blasphemy!


poshlemon said...

I know this video too well :) Sums up my beliefs - pretty much... although, I can be blasphemous sometimes.

My visit to the church is quite rare too. I used to go on Good Friday only because it was a tradition in our home (the family's not religious but rather traditional) and I also love the hymns (Greek Orthodox). But ever since I've been gallivanting all over the place for the past 5 years, I never happen to be present in Lebanon for Easter. And Good Friday somewhere else is quite boring! No Greek Orthodox inspired hymns, young ladies showing off their great (or tacky) sense of style and too much skin (all in true Lebanese spirit), no old women in black veils crying over Jesus (like they do every year), people throwing themselves at the priest walking around with way too much ornament (bling) lol. That's the fun I'm talking about ;)

What's the 7 church visit?

Le colleague said...

It's the tradition of visiting 7 churches on Holy Thursday. Pilgrims did this as penance and that's as much as I know now :)

Mireille Raad said...

love georges carlin :D

can't tell u how many times i tell myself to "Focus" while in church

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