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Monday, April 26, 2010

Did You Know...

... that all the blinking you do in one day amounts to having your eyes shut for 30 minutes?
... and that in a lifetime the average person spends over 25 years SLEEPING?

Gets you thinking doesn't it?


Anonymous said... i guess from now on, no more sleeping my life away, 30 minutes of eyes shut a day are enough for me!!!!! thanks for the info
P.S: what's the lifetime average here?? 100 years??

Le colleague said...

hehe yeah! the average life expectancy (in Lebanon)is a bit less than 75 years. so assuming you sleep around 8hours a day, that's 1/3 of the time, 1/3 of your life, or 25 years, in bed!

poshlemon said...

30 minutes of blinking! Just the kind of stuff that gets me thinking ;)

(It rhymes lol - very lame of me)

Le colleague said...

thanks for the explanation :)

Anonymous said...

...and did you know that women blink twice as much as men??!! so here's another 30 minutes of sleeping standing up, just for us the ladies!!!

Le colleague said...

hmmm....... lol what's a list of things you women do twice as much as us men?

poshlemon said...

Shopping? That I am sure of.
Also, shopping for shoes? lol

Le colleague said...

Was thinking more along the lines of whining, crying talking, throwing tantrums, but shopping works too! :p

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