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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Southpark: Too Far This Time?

I stumbled a cross this bit of news on CNN (Read News Article) reporting that Southpark creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker might have gone too far on one of their notorious skits on religion and major religious figures, by allowing one of their episodes to feature Muslim Prophet Mohammad wearing a bear suit.

"This is a show, after all, that once painted God as a gap-toothed rhinoceros-monkey, portrays Satan as a simpering milquetoast and regularly features Jesus as a superhero -- the kind who's not afraid to ignore the peaceful teachings of the Sermon on the Mount to smite his opponents. The show has mocked Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Scientologists and atheists, among (many) others." - CNN

I have been a fan of Southpark for years and years so this really caught my attention because, while I found their fun poking at religion and its figures was witty, hilarious, and as bold as one can imagine, I've always wondered when and how it would get them in trouble (and I'm laughing as I write this!).
So here it is! "Revolution Muslim" a radical Islamist organization and movement based in New York City that advocates the re-establishment of a structured Islamic state, terrorism in both the US and in democratic countries around the world, the removal of the current rulers in heavily Muslim populated regions, the destruction of Israel, and an end to what they consider 'western imperialism' - Wikipedia -- Is it just me, or does it sound a bit odd that this group would be based in NYC??? Excuse my digression! -- has taken offense at the portrayal of their prophet and has released a 'warning', or so they called it, to Trey Parker and Matt Stone, reminding them of the murder of Theo Van Gogh, who was killed in 2004 by an Islamic extremist. Among his works was "Submission, a short film about abuse of women in Islam. The release included pictures of Van Gogh's dead body. According to the group, however, this was in no way a threat but a mere warning of what might happen as a consequence of the airing of the episode.

Super Best Friends

I can't help but laugh at the wonderful work of the makers of Southpark. Of note was one representation of almost all religious figures in a group gathering, with Prophet Mohammad covered by a black square with the word "CENSORED" contrasting in white.

I am not sure about the repercussions of this and what they can be, or if any other movements with more power have taken more serious offense than Revolution Muslim. And if they have, how different would the reactions be in NYC as compared to the Middle East? I am also wondering about freedom of speech and how it applies in this case! How can groups be allowed to run around threatening people who don't live by their values?

Video From CNN

Thank You Ayaan - You are the first Muslim I have ever heard speaking with such objectivity.


poshlemon said...

Muslims need to chill out. Just like they have the right to believe in Mohammad, others have the right not to and to even ridicule Mohammad and his religion. I hope they don't start attacking embassies again lol

I am sorry. I told you I am one hell of an insensitive blasphemous atheist.

Le colleague said...

Posh do you want my blog bombed!>? keep it down!!! hehe seriously though this is getting old. I really liked what Ayaan said in the video and I hope it's a first step towards global Muslim "chill out".

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