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Saturday, April 17, 2010

What's Lebanon's Stance on Slavery and Racism Again??

So here's another lie us self-righteous Lebanese tend to force feed ourselves. We don't condone slavery. We turn our backs to racism. Right?
Think again...
To your right is a nice classified ad for the exchange of a 1991 Dodge for a Sri Lankan domestic worker.

[Edit:This is to clarify that the classified is NOT in a Lebanese paper].

What more do we need? how much more disgrace, how much clearer does this picture need to be for the Lebanese to just shut the hell up and realize that we are probably the most self-absorbed, superficial, and prejudiced (oh yeah the list goes on...) people on the face of this planet?
I can only try and say how dumbfounded I was when I saw that classified. And in light of the no maids in pool article I can tell that it's only a matter of time before we find a few like these in our Lebanese media.

I really thought I'd have so much to say about this matter, so much to talk about and criticize, so many questions and so much eloquent rhetoric. Instead, I have only speechlessness, disbelief, and shame. I am ashamed of my country, ashamed of being Lebanese. This shame is growing by the day, exacerbated by the fake, smug, and holy stance that the Lebanese take on these and other matters.
Lebanese people are a friendly, welcoming, and humanitarian people. Or so would the media say. Of Course they do not tell you the whole story. I will stop here, too disgusted to continue writing.


Anonymous said...

alright calm down
If you have been in gulf countries you would have immediately recognized the aljazeera newspaper logo at the bottom.
That's not a newspaper from lebanon.
did you try reading the add to the left?
did you even bother to see if the contact numbers are lebanese before baselessly insulting all the lebanese?

Le colleague said...

If you had read more carefully you'd have noticed the following sentence: "I can tell that it's only a matter of time before we find a few like these in our Lebanese media". This, I said in light of the "no maids in pool" article. I am well aware that this is not a Lebanese article.

Anyways thank you for proving my point and showing perfectly our (Notice i say our?)Lebanese narcissism and hair trigger defensiveness. See the problem, not the insults (if any). I am Lebanese and for all purposes of this post I consider myself a part of this problem to avoid comments such as yours. The truth is there, deal with it.
And please, if you're going to leave aggressive comments on my blog, read and write carefully.


Le colleague said...

And please. Baselessly? Come on!

BabaGannouj said...

newspaper editors should be ashamed of even allowing something like that to even go to print

La Colleague said...

I thought you might be interested to know that there is a campaign rallying for immigrant workers' rights in Lebanon, all week, with a day long program on May 1 (Labor day in Lebanon) including a march and a concert! maybe people will start getting sensitized to the idea that immigrant workers are workers :) not slaves, not merchandise and just like we expect rights in the workplace, we should be expected to treat our "employees" in the same manner.
so here it is, speak up to migrants rights:

La Colleague :)

Le colleague said...

Interesting. I hope this will be a first baby step towards a nation-wide solution to this problem. Of course one major hurdle would be recognition of the problem by the employers, which would require some fair amount of introspection.
I hope everyone recognizes this as a pressing issue, and that the ridiculous defensiveness with which this is being faced is dropped as soon as possible.

To the Anonymous commenter on this post, please read this article. and others like it, before baselessly DEFENDING all Lebanese.

Maybe if many more read and open their eyes, maybe then we as a society can get some work done on this front.

Thanks Colleague

Mireille Raad said...

i am still trying to get over the initial shock of reading this !

Hope to see at the 24/7 campaign/demonstration for migrant rights

one thing is weird tho.. is the nbre lebanese ?

Nadine Moawad said...

Thank you very much for posting this. I hope our movement to battle racism grows stronger across all Arab societies.

Le colleague said...

Shocking, yes. The more I read about this, the worse it gets. And no, the number is not Lebanese this is a classified from an Arab country, but if you read the article "No Maids in the Pool" you'll realize that it might as well have been a Lebanese ad. The way things are going, maybe soon we'll have one or two of those!
The situation is getting worse, and we need to gather as much attention as we can.

jIMMY said...

this is in Saudi Arabia you fool.. not in lebanon for god sake

Le colleague said...

Please. We are having a mature and civilized discussion and there's no need or place for aggression.

Jimmy if you read carefully and read other readers's comments you'll see that your foolish and impulsive comment is completely useless because this issue has already been discussed. I will not say more on the matter.

JOESBOX said...

I dont think it is in lebanon because the phone number i mean is not lebanese ?!

Le colleague said...

This is not in Lebanon. I never said it was.
Will edit post to clarify.

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